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Thanks to Ann, Young Heart Restaurant owner and a lovely lady, for making this happen. I get to try out Young Heart's new menu :D I haven't been there before and it was only after I left SGGS (about 3 years ago), Young Heart Restaurant opened. Anyway, it was fun to join Cariso, Steven and Criz that night for a healthy-licious dinner.

Great weather and the sky was beautiful. However, it was not so beautiful in the morning where the sky pours like mad and I was caught in the middle of it =.= Yes...soaking wet. One of the down side of riding motorcycle. Luckily at the later part of the day, I was nourished with healthy good food.

Young Heart Restaurant can be spotted when one passes by Cantonment Road, Pulau Tikus. According to Ann (the restaurant owner), doctors from nearby hospitals like to frequent her place. So, I guess that statement speaks for itself.

I reached there quite early and the others had not arrived. At that moment, I did feel the surrounding's serenity. Helps a lot as I was out all day :P Its like everything came to a sudden halt lol...

Quite a lot of tables placed in this restaurant. There are 2 types of dining area which is the regular table-chairs and floor area. I would prefer the latter as its more special. Previous review was held in this room but due to some circumstances, we have to care for the elders. So this time, we had our dinner in a newly set up area. Hehehe...

If you are like me who loves the sun, you can opt to sit near the window. Cool right? Nice lazy chair and you can sit at the window area with pillows too...something similar to the westerners. You can feel the warm sun and chilling air-con together.

If not mistaken this is the Sweetheart Hoya haha. I spotted this in the shelf. RM18 for a pot. These are planted by Ann herself and there are many more for sale outside. She definitely has green hands.

Haha being at the restaurant for the first time, anything captures my attention XD I spotted some transparent glassware sets for making tea. I always prefer transparent glasswares somehow. Probably because I like to see what's in the teapot or mug.

Hahaha! Ain't the toilet sign cute? These woodplates easily cost about RM24. I'd seen them in one of the shops at Gurney Plaza.

This is the newly set up place which I'd mentioned earlier....

VIP rooms! Hahaha! Its like we're going to have some sort of a secret meeting with such an exclusive place. There's even a large TV and a dvd player with a couple of sofas to plop yourselves on. The room is decorated with Chinese paintings, plants and some decorative items on the shelf. Cozy room :D

Since its still early, I went downstairs and head out to the backyard. I was amazed with so many pots of plants out there and they are green! Reminds me of the conversation I had with Ann. Anything plants or pets come into my hands will die...lol!

One of the workers were watering the pots of Aloevera's.

Well grown right? Two of the Aloevera plant even have flowers on them. When I stood at the backyard, I felt like I was standing in a mini Aloevera farm XD All Aloeveras are organically grown and absolutely no pesticides are allowed in the course of growing. Good for the workers and good for us! Can u imagine everyday, we are swallowing down vegetables where workers have to don a yellow suit before spraying pesticides on the crops? :P

The flower really looks like an asparagus doesn't it? Ann mentioned that her father took a leaf of Aloevera per day for a year and his hair started to grow back (about an inch). I guess its good news for Steven wahahaha!

Aloevera plants are for sale too. RM18 per pot. So anyone who wants to grow aloe for self consumption, this is a good start.

More to come...stay tuned...

Young Heart Restaurant
No. 44A, Jalan Cantonment,
10250 Georgetown, Penang.

Tel: 04-2288084

Business hours: 12pm - 10pm (Closed on Mondays)

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  1. FoOd PaRaDiSe // July 31, 2009 at 7:22 AM  

    The interior a bit difference now. Wow... Ann grow asparagus too???

  2. jason // July 31, 2009 at 10:30 AM  

    This seems more like a house tour post. Hehe

  3. cariso // July 31, 2009 at 12:52 PM  

    Good cover on the environment! Pro!