Merry Christmas!!!!

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Wahahaha so the colourful!

Ginger bread xmas tree....Don't believe? you believe?
Again...Merry Christmas people!!

Happy drooling!~


Nutmeg Assam Boey Mocktail

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Recently I have been ordering nutmeg juice from a juice vendor at Gurney Plaza. I got hooked on the drink during a food fair done by Durianberry's church (izzit?) Nutmeg from Penang and no other place but Penang. RM3.80 per cup...Expensive I would say cuz I can get 5 nutmeg for RM1 XD

Saw a bunch of these in the market opp. my flat. Wahahaha fresh. With RM4 I can get 20 biji : P compare to the mall fruit juice vendor, she only uses 2 for each cup.

Halve it and you get this. The fruit is hard so becareful when cutting it. Discard the seed. Erm actually, if you want, the seed can be sundried and blend into powder. That's where nutmeg powder comes from. Can use the powder in cooking seafood curry. Yummz...

Cut the fruit into cubes and blend it with some water. After that sieve the paste for juice and discard the pulps.

You can use a juicer for this but i think your juicer spoils faster and the "siap siap" will taste a bit more intensified. Your call.

After sieving, you get this glass of juice. Unique flavour, a tiny bit "siap siap" (rubbery taste) and sour. Erm...very sour >,<

This is where the assam powder kicks in ;)

RM1 per packet. Initially I forgot to get this but luckily I live in Penang, its easily available in fruit stalls . In my case, I got it from rojak stall. RM1 for a huge packet. This is assam powder premixed with fine caster sugar.

Mix both the juice and assam+sugar premix, its ready to be served. Since its super sour (not anymore after mix with assam premix), I assume its vitamin C packed : )

Why I call it mocktail? lolz...

Happy sipping~


Penang Seng Hin Cafe

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Last night I overnight at USM after Nibong Tebal firefly trip with my friends. It was quite late so it was safer to head over to campus rather than going back home. 2 girls in 1 car ler...what do you expect? Anyway, I already asked mom to pick me up this morning. Suddenly had bakwa roti craving (must be the Winson Burger review by WMW =.= and the Sungai Petani review by Durianberry) so I decided to have breakfast at the Seng Hin Cafe. They housed my favourite Curry Mee , Lor Mee and Bakwa Roti : ) Great place rite?

Too much high cholestrol food yesterday (I finished almost a huge crab XP ) so I opt for something lighter.

This Lor Mee I had was light and flavourful. A bit of sourish taste from blended pickled garlic, slightly sweet, a tad salty, tiny heat from chilli paste and a dash of fragrant 5 spice. Wonderfull part of it is you won't feel muak eating this. It taste like what lor mee should least for my case. Better than the Kuan Yin Teng Lor Mee acclaimed by Rasa Rasa Malaysia (Beside Penang's most famous Kuan Yin temple) I would say *blek >,< !*

Though I am quite full, there is always space for Bakwa Roti...Okay, even if there is no space I would still shove it into my stomach! XD I like this stall's bakwa. No funny taste, no keras keras/liat liat (hard)...Usually I buy only the bakwa but last minute mom and I make an order for bakwa roti.

For those who are from the west, bakwa is pretty much like beef/turkey jerky at the States, just that bakwa is less tough and much more fragrant because it is barbequed on a hot bed of charcoal. Oh yes, bakwa is oil-ier than beef jerky.

Seng Hin Cafe Location:
Opposite Sek.Men.Hamid Khan.
Same row as Genting Kopitiam (but on the other end).
Beside Seng Hin is a grocery shop.

All makan places at Island Glades residential area are grouped in an area. Should be easy to find. This place is open for breakfast, not sure about lunch but definitely no dinner.

Happy drooling~

PS: I heard the bakwa seller say he is only there on Tuesday and Saturday.


Penang Street Food Fest 2007

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It's been a while since I update :P Sorry...Blame the lecturer...first day of school already hand out assignment...argh!...Durianberry has already reviewed about it, so I should as well before other food pictures start to pile up...again or already had...

Em...Durianberry posted up stills...So I guess posting up a video would complement the review : ) Plus my photography skills is not even close to Lyrical Lemongrass and Durianberry...

This video is a compilation of a few food stalls that I'd visited, not all tho...too many : P Enjoy

Ironic izin't it? I don't think the dance would help much in burning all the food they had in this dome XD Better stop before the aunties start bashing me up....wheee~

Happy drooling~


D24 Durian Pancake

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XD Serious!! D24 Pancake at this time of the year! lolz...Immediately I bought one. I can't remember the price but its Less than SGD3...

One word "Sedap". The durian paste was smooth and creamy (and stinky...hehehe)...If you see the video, the lady add in a huge blob cold durian paste. Wish the paste was a bit more chilled.

Good stuff...I don't have to make a mess of chopping the durian and making my hands smell like cat poop (well that's how it smell like to people who are not used to durian).

Sorry people, I had this in Hougang Mall, Singapore : P Not available in Penang as far as I am concern.
Happy drooling!


Infused Vodka 2

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After those 3 jars were left to sit in the fridge for a day plus, I opened one of the jar to check the strawberries. Had a piece of it, still firm and has a bit of strawberry flavour. Probably I'll leave it until Friday.

Lemon infused vodka.

Strawberry infused vodka. See they start to decolourise. The strawberries can be chucked away when they turn white. Interesting eh?

Oooohhh...Can't wait to drink em.

After straining the vodka, they can still be kept. According to the online recipe, we can't leave them in vodka for too long or it will effect the taste.

I didn't chuck all the berries into the jar. Tak sampai hati ler. They look so huge and tasty. Yupz, I went to my fridge to get the leftover block of cheddar, slice them up and voila. Strawberry and cheddar cheese.

Serious, the flavours mixing together is great. This strawberry is not very sweet. Would taste better if you pair cheese with grapes. You can have them with Ritz cheese crackers but I think it taste great as it is : )

Happy drooling and drinking ~


Infused Vodka 1

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Finally came the day where I am gonna use up the vodka I bought from Changi airport, SGD21.20 if not mistaken. Cheap yeah? Cold Storage Penang sells it for RM122 =.=" Too bad 1 person is eligible to buy 1 bottle only.

This afternoon, I went to Gurney Plaza Cold Storage to get my supply of strawberry and Lemon. Pre-cut strawberries costs either RM4.99 or RM2.99 depending on sizes of the package. Fresh Australian strawberries cost RM12 O.o so I guess the cheap pre cuts one will make do. Lemon's from Argentina. No wonder they cost RM1.69 per biji!

Anyway, to ensure cleanliness, I did not take picture during the making process. I can't touch my camera when I'd already touch the lemon and strawberries or vice-versa (ewww). Here's the outcome.

Using only rough estimation : P All turn out as sugggested on Google except for the lemon. Didn't know I should use the zest only...Cham...My Lemon infused vodka is gonna be super sour >,<

Even though the strawberries are pre-cut, I still diced their ends (the halved berry
is still intact) to further enhance the infusion proses.

: P I only have about 100ml of pure vodka left in the bottle...Hope they turn out right!

Happy drinking!~

PS: Keep alcohols away from children!


Penang Northam Beach Cafe

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Durianberry and I went for movies at Gurney Plaza. This time we decided to go Northam Beach Cafe for dinner.

Reason no.1, Durianberry wanted to try the Spinach Pan Mee from JB.

My tastebuds tell me the noodle had nothing to rave about. No spinach taste nor smell despite the green flat noodles. Total damage = RM4.50. Durianberry finished it anyway, it's still edible XD

On the other hand, I ordered Nyonya Kerabu bee hoon. There are many other stalls there such as Pie and Pasta stall which has many customers putting down their orders, western food stall, hokkien mee, assorted flavoured muah chee (Jagung, black sesame, pandan, plain) and so on. However, still decided to have the humble bee hoon. The stall sells nyonya laksa as well.

The lady only gave 1 tiny dollop of sambal belacan. Not enough lah =.= Mixed it into the bee hoon anyway. The bee hoon not sour enough.

Ah yes, there are other ingredients as well, some finely chopped leaves, bunga kantan (ginger flower) and dried prawns (heh bee in hokkien)? I don't think the dried prawns were finely pulsed in food processor. Judging the texture, it looks more like pounded in mortar and pestle

Total damage for this plate of humble nyonya bee hoon is RM3. Very expensive =.= and portion very little. Not very humble afterall eh?

Reason no.2 would be in between 8pm and 10pm ,we have no other place to go but to hang out there and catch up with Durianberry.

Not bad eating under moonlight izzin't it? Opz...I forgot there was no moon XD

Happy drooling : )


Singapore Azabu Sabo Ice Cream

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Azabu Sabo is one of the many in-between meals fill ins I had in my recent Singapore trip. I haven't seen this booth on my previous visit so me and my friend decided to give it a try (My initial intention was to have Venezia gelato XD ) Oh well....

This ice cream wasn't too sweet, soft, smooth and not too jelak unlike its western counterpart. Luckily I only had a small cup. I wouldn't able to finish my ice cream if I ordered the cone O.o From the video, you can see that they actually fill every single hole in the cone...ekkks!

The flavour was great! For the first time, I actually had a green tea ice cream that taste like one =.= minus the rough texture (some ice creams are, I think NZ Natural if not mistaken) Serious! It's yum yum licious, hands down.

Sorry Venezia. You lost out in the green tea ice cream match : P The Azabu Sabo ice cream booth I visited is located at Takashimaya, Singapore.

Happy drooling!


Spanish Pure Sierra Safron

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Saffron the most exotic and expensive spice up to now. I am not going to drown you with all the information. So please kindly 'wiki' the word saffron for further details : )

I thought it would be difficult to find saffron. Thus, my friend and I set off to Little India in Penang ,calling it a 'Saffron Hunt'. Little did we know, its available in all the shops that states there 'Spice Merchant'.

Prices in all the shops we visited were different and one of the shop was carrying a different brand for the saffron (picture below). This 1.5gm little strands cost me RM20 =.= Others are selling at RM28 or RM26 (2gm.....2 gm! 0.O) for another brand "Taj-Mahal" (I think). For that brand, it has a smaller packaging (1gm) that costs around RM13 but its only available next year. How true is it?

How should saffron taste? I took one strand and find its slightly salty. The smell is pungent for 1 strand 0.O Very quickly my saliva became yellow >.<

Hm...problem now is...what should I do with it? Risotto? Saffron milk?

PS: Singapore is selling at SGD9 for 2 gm


Penang Papa's Pizza

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I have been using xanga all these while but I soon find out it blocked me from various applications and also it doesn't allow me to place ads (even its for competition purposes)....Whatever...I am starting a new blog here...My current blog is here.

I haven't announce the existance of this blog cuz I wanted to makesure everything is working fine before I do the transition.

To start of with this blog, maybe I'll just post an entry about Papa's Pizza at Tanjung Bungah (I can't remember which hotel its near to...Copthorne? It's one of the shophouse along the main road.

Yeah, we went there at night for dinner. SM's suppose to join...Anyway, it ended up only both of us having dinner here. Problems with this place is parking space. I parked in front. You can park at the back (housing area) I think.

We ordered a set for 2 which consists of 2 drinks, wings and dessert. The soup was optional but we ordered it anyway.

This is the buffalo wings. It's kind of under-marinated. The meat is not flavourful enough (which it should be) but we finish it off anyway. 1 wings for each of us : )

This is seafood pizza but the seafood doesn't seems to be in the picture izzit?

With a close up shot, still no sign of seafood =.=

Anyway, we finish it off with an ice cream dessert with Bailey ( we brought it ourselves XD ) drizzled all over...wahahahaha!

Happy drooling!


Cokeworld is coming to town ;3

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Am trying to create a makan blog. Quite sick with xanga now...Fingers cross.

Or my eyes will cross instead XD