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Durianberry and I went for movies at Gurney Plaza. This time we decided to go Northam Beach Cafe for dinner.

Reason no.1, Durianberry wanted to try the Spinach Pan Mee from JB.

My tastebuds tell me the noodle had nothing to rave about. No spinach taste nor smell despite the green flat noodles. Total damage = RM4.50. Durianberry finished it anyway, it's still edible XD

On the other hand, I ordered Nyonya Kerabu bee hoon. There are many other stalls there such as Pie and Pasta stall which has many customers putting down their orders, western food stall, hokkien mee, assorted flavoured muah chee (Jagung, black sesame, pandan, plain) and so on. However, still decided to have the humble bee hoon. The stall sells nyonya laksa as well.

The lady only gave 1 tiny dollop of sambal belacan. Not enough lah =.= Mixed it into the bee hoon anyway. The bee hoon not sour enough.

Ah yes, there are other ingredients as well, some finely chopped leaves, bunga kantan (ginger flower) and dried prawns (heh bee in hokkien)? I don't think the dried prawns were finely pulsed in food processor. Judging the texture, it looks more like pounded in mortar and pestle

Total damage for this plate of humble nyonya bee hoon is RM3. Very expensive =.= and portion very little. Not very humble afterall eh?

Reason no.2 would be in between 8pm and 10pm ,we have no other place to go but to hang out there and catch up with Durianberry.

Not bad eating under moonlight izzin't it? Opz...I forgot there was no moon XD

Happy drooling : )

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