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Last night I overnight at USM after Nibong Tebal firefly trip with my friends. It was quite late so it was safer to head over to campus rather than going back home. 2 girls in 1 car ler...what do you expect? Anyway, I already asked mom to pick me up this morning. Suddenly had bakwa roti craving (must be the Winson Burger review by WMW =.= and the Sungai Petani review by Durianberry) so I decided to have breakfast at the Seng Hin Cafe. They housed my favourite Curry Mee , Lor Mee and Bakwa Roti : ) Great place rite?

Too much high cholestrol food yesterday (I finished almost a huge crab XP ) so I opt for something lighter.

This Lor Mee I had was light and flavourful. A bit of sourish taste from blended pickled garlic, slightly sweet, a tad salty, tiny heat from chilli paste and a dash of fragrant 5 spice. Wonderfull part of it is you won't feel muak eating this. It taste like what lor mee should least for my case. Better than the Kuan Yin Teng Lor Mee acclaimed by Rasa Rasa Malaysia (Beside Penang's most famous Kuan Yin temple) I would say *blek >,< !*

Though I am quite full, there is always space for Bakwa Roti...Okay, even if there is no space I would still shove it into my stomach! XD I like this stall's bakwa. No funny taste, no keras keras/liat liat (hard)...Usually I buy only the bakwa but last minute mom and I make an order for bakwa roti.

For those who are from the west, bakwa is pretty much like beef/turkey jerky at the States, just that bakwa is less tough and much more fragrant because it is barbequed on a hot bed of charcoal. Oh yes, bakwa is oil-ier than beef jerky.

Seng Hin Cafe Location:
Opposite Sek.Men.Hamid Khan.
Same row as Genting Kopitiam (but on the other end).
Beside Seng Hin is a grocery shop.

All makan places at Island Glades residential area are grouped in an area. Should be easy to find. This place is open for breakfast, not sure about lunch but definitely no dinner.

Happy drooling~

PS: I heard the bakwa seller say he is only there on Tuesday and Saturday.

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  1. Kenny // December 24, 2007 at 4:00 AM  

    at 1st i wondering wat is 'bakwa', then "ooh.. bak gua" tat is.. haha
    Hey, tis is diff, wat is the black sauce tat he pour on the roti? soy? or some kind of sweet sauce?
    and tis is the 1st time i saw the roti was keep warm lik tat.

  2. Precious Pea // December 24, 2007 at 8:32 AM  

    ARRRKKkk!! Yummy bakwa!! Next time i go Penang, i call you yah?

  3. Jackson // December 24, 2007 at 8:56 AM  

    wawa!! Im craving for Bak Kuah in Christmas eve!! How?

  4. Cokeworld Citizen // December 25, 2007 at 4:14 PM  

    First of all Merry Xmas to everyone!

    kenny: XD But the pronunciation does sound like "bak kwa"...the black sauce is sweet, if put too much become salty :P It should be the sauce they sapu the bakwa when bbq-ing it. Erm since I was small the rotis for bakwa is kept warm like that. Fluffy, soft and warm...

    Precious pea: hahaha can wmw also so she can taste another version of winson burger. kakakaka!

    Jackson: Nebermind, nebermind. Mei chan heong is always in stand by mode...just hit the malls XD