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Better known as Lang Sae Lee Thai Food among bloggers. This home based Thai Restaurant is strongly recommended by Lingzie and Allie. My first visit was a couple of months ago, when I brought my colleagues to Lang Sae Lee for dinner. All of us enjoyed the food alot despite the long wait.

This time I made early reservations by booking 2 days ahead to avoid super long wait. Although early reservation, I think Madam Lee must have scolded behind the phone for calling another 2 times to add the number of people. From 6, it became 9 then 11 :P

It was low tide on that day so the mud smell can be quite tough on the nose. After some time we all got used to it.
Try to be there early so you can pick wherever you want to sit :D The diners in the picture above were the only customers there at that time (about 7.30pm). I never knew the back area is so huge haha!
This is where they prepare the drinks and kitchen is behind. We placed our orders first while waiting for the others to arrive. Shortly after the uncle who took our orders left, 2 huge groups of people walked in. Timing is so important LOL

I like the fact that they provide photo albums as their menu. Made everything straight to the point. Either you like the dish or move on to the next. No fancy words or descriptions.
Dinner starts off with Fish Cakes. We ordered 10 pieces.
I never tried fish cakes with kaffir lime leaves in it. Definitely something new for me.
Thai Fish Cakes cannot go without Thai Chilli sauce...We all enjoyed munching the fish cake and to my surprise, next dish was served. Service was pretty swift that day...
Ok...I need to clarify something here. This plate of Belacan Fried Rice (above) is for 2 person O.o
I skipped the cili padi of course. Sambal belacan was packed with belacan flavour and chilli but too spicy for me. One small dot on my tongue was enough to make me finish half glass of ice cold herbal tea.
I just love the braised meat which came with the fried rice. Slightly sweetish savoury and soft. Not sure what herbs or spices they add while braising the meat. All I know, it just keeps you shoving the rice and meat into your mouth. So hard to find good Belacan Fried Rice these days...
Then came the Fried Kangkung and Enoki Mushrooms. A bit oily for me but it sure goes well with rice. Crispy all the way....
Sotong Kerabu is my favourite item and I order it whenever its available on the menu. Lang Sae Lee's Sotong Kerabu is not overly sour and served with tons of onions and Chinese Parsley leaves. Fish sauce provides just the right amount of saltiness. Squid was nicely cooked and not rubbery. Good for me as I love onions :D *burps...*opps...If you didn't realise, they give out generous portions of fresh sliced onions for other dishes.
Sambal Asparagus was surprisingly good. Seriously. That day, the asparagus served was tender and had no bitter aftertaste. Also, the sambal was not too spicy. Goes really well with white rice...
Next up, Green Curry. I personally find the green curry was quite salty and the herbs used in making the green curry paste wasn't sufficient. In addition to that, curry's texture was slightly watery. I would prefer Siam Express' Green Curry as its thicker, more lemak and has stronger herbs taste.
Otak was not bad but another dish which is considered spicy for me. Strong thai basil and kaffir lime leaves flavour. I would give it an A if the whole thing is filled with what you see in the picture above. FYI, the bottom layer was cabbage. There could only be 2 reasons for this. Either to keep the cost balanced or to make the dish less lemak with the greens.

We ordered 10 pieces of Pandan Chicken too. The fried pandan leaves certainly smells great when it was served. While opening the chicken wrapping, I find the leaves sticks to the chicken and its quite dry. I haven't eaten Pandan Chicken for a very long time. Are they suppose to be like that? Anyway, nothing spectacular about this dish. Thinking back on their menu, I am actually looking forward to try their Stuffed Chicken Wing.
We ordered Red Tom Yam since everyone is more used to this version. Flavourful, sour and spicy. The tom yam was spicier than the one I had previously. Spicy but I love it ;) The tom yam served in Lang Sae Lee is definitely similar to the one I had in Phuket many years ago.

We ordered alot right? We ordered an extra portion for some of the dishes since its 11 people. Total damage, RM190.50 and whatever the receipt has on it, I think we can trust them. Cheap? Not really as the portions are small. Expensive? I don't think we can get authentic Thai Food at that price with that kind of sea view.

Lang Sae Lee Thai Food
Tan Jetty, Weld Quay, Penang
97A, Tan Jetty, Weld Quay, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.
GPS: 5.411565, 100.339195
Tel: 014-907 1808 (Madam Lee)

Note by Malaysia Most Wanted: 11am-10pm (It’s better to call Mdm Lee ahead of time to check if she’s open or to book a table and pre-order some items to avoid the long wait). Closed on Tuesdays.

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For more parking space (according to Criz) is just further down the road from Tan Jetty entrance. Look out for Xer Teck Cafe or a shop selling birds with a small temple beside. Turn in immediately once you see the temple. Drive to the end and you will see an empty space for carpark. The back area is much better now.

Happy trying!

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  1. Lee // November 22, 2010 at 8:10 AM  

    Lang Sae Tai Thai Food EXPENSIVE! I just tried it on 20 Nov 2010 after check it out from the blogs, the taste is just so so, ok only
    and extremely not worth to try coz it is expensive, 3 of us go, 1 ordered sambal fried rice, another order laksa, and i ordered pineapple fried rice, then we ordered 3 chicken wings, 5 small pieces of fish cake(bite size), seaweed soup, taufu, 3 ribena drinks, the bills came up to RM67...............we got a shock seeing the bill.

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // November 22, 2010 at 7:52 PM  

    Lee: wow RM67 is sure alot. Do you still have the receipt or asked to calculate again? Nice or not really depends on the person. But I think majority likes it since so many people patronize the place? Maybe you can suggest another authentic thai food restaurant in Penang which is cheaper than Lang Sae Lee and serves better food than them?

  3. jason // December 1, 2010 at 1:23 PM  

    Write in Thai language somemore!

  4. Anonymous // February 27, 2011 at 5:07 PM  

    Tried yesterday 26.02.2011, the food really so so. Sorry to say tat not worth to try :)