Penang Ritz Bakery Green Tea Cake

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For the record, a lot of people have been asking if there is any cake worth trying. I say green tea's gotta be on top of the list. Hands down, the best green tea cake I'd tried so far. Pack with REAL green tea flavour in the cream and its so so delicious! What's more? The price is really reasonable. Just RM32 for 1/2kg and that is only RM4 more expensive than Bread History's cake. One piece of the green tea cake cost RM6.20 but quickly solds out.

My friend bought it to celebrate my birthday and we were having dinner at Ajinoren Japanese Restaurant. Ritz Bakery is just behind Ajinoren (on the other side of the Prima Tanjung building). Strategic place to celebrate birthday right? LOL

I myself chomped 2 piece even I was already full. Japanese dinner with Japanese Green Tea cake. Perfecto!

Note: The cake melts quite fast so either you finish it or get home quickly and shove it into the fridge :P

Ritz Bakery
Prima Tanjung (Opposite Island Plaza)
Tel: 04-8991254

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  1. cariso // February 10, 2011 at 11:12 PM  

    Yes, I did have similar birthday treat before like yours. :)