Penang Hameer's Bay Ikan Bakar Revisit

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The last time I went there was with my uni coursemates and it was almost 2 years ago. Not exactly a happy ending meal if you judge solely on the food :P

2 years later only I realized that I have been ordering from the wrong stall! >< Not sure if Hameer's Bay is a restaurant name or the place name but the stall I visited today is worth a mention. I am giving a 5 star for today's dinner.

Note: We visited the stall on our right, located at the very end. There is only one entrance to this place so you would know what I am talking about once you get there ;)

6.15pm is the time where my office colleague will be fleeing this week otherwise we would be drenched like 'soup chicken'. Fortunately, it rained earlier today, leaving the rest of the evening dry and cooling clean air :)

Nice place to have your dinner. But I would recommend to visit places like this during high tides so the 'smell' would be...uhm...less strong. LOL I would still give 1 star for location. Being at the seaside with unlimited view of Penang bridge. Where to get??

Waiters will come over to ask for your orders. We chosed 1 jug of Watermelon Juice kurang manis, RM8. Normal drinks in jug is RM6. Either way, it is very important that you say kurang manis :P

First off...Sotong Goreng or what westerners like to call, Deep Fried Calamari. However there is a difference. Our local Sotong Goreng is smaller in size, thus cook faster and less chewy. RM10 for 2 pax.

Absolutely fresh and we can actually 'see' the sotong in Sotong Goreng haha! The batter taste not bad itself either. I think I did get hints of egg smell while munching. Maybe more eggs will make the fried batter less hard :P Needless to say...its sedap. 1 star.

We ordered Koay Teow Kung Fu for 3 pax (RM4.50 per pax). When it was served, we were literally shocked and jaws dropped all the way to the sea...haha kidding. Anyway, never in our minds that it would be that 'huge'! OMG...The portion's definitely worth 1 star LOL

I love this dish to bits :D Packed with vege, sotong, prawns, chicken meat chunks and loads of EGGS. Koay teow was very fresh too and smooth. The flat rice noodle would be panfried with eggs until golden brown and served with the egg-y clear sauce cooked with all the ingredients mentioned above.

My colleague saw a patron sitting next to our table ordered satay. We were amazed by the size of the satay so we ordered too. When the satay arrived, I was also shocked to hear RM6 for 10 sticks. Damn cheap!

The color looks great. Everything is fresh. Meat was tasty, sticky-sweet, flavourful and not too hard. Although some of them were uncooked, the old couple gladly re-grill the satays and replaced the one I found uncooked. So we give 1 star for this good service haha!

Total damage, RM31.50(drinks,noodle,sotong) + RM6 (satay) and all 5 of us were bloated.

Near Queensbay Mall roundabout.
12 o'clock direction if you are coming from Sungai Dua, USM.
3 o'clock direction if you are leaving Queensbay.
9 o'clock direction if you are taking the highway.

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