Morning was kicked off by stopping over to Perdana Quay for breakfast at the most coveted bakery at the northern Malaysia region.

Lovely place. We were there early so no children running around and the morning crowd wasn't there yet.

Their breakfast sets are priced around RM20 - RM30. I can't remember the exact price. Anyway, I ordered a set that allows me to have some of the breads displayed near the counter and one of them caught my attention.

This cute little thing here is called 'Moon' Hahaha

Very interesting texture as its half cake half bread.

I dare say that the Croisant was to die for! Skillfully made (every layer has to be folded with butter in between and butter quality counts!) and crispy to the core. The belgian butter used to make the pastry was fragrant. Definitely the best fresh baked croisant I'd ever eaten. The 'Roti Bengali' was equally good too. Crispy brown extrior but fluffy on the inside.

With all the home made spreads complementing the tasty bread...Heaven. I'd never seen this kind of marmalade jam but it was nicely done. Not even a tiny bit bitter was detected. The lavender pineapple spread was delicious.

All softboiled eggs had the exact texture and consistency.

Mutton curry was tenderlicious too. Paired with 'Roti Bengali'...yumz

Eventually the whole table was filled with food...hehehe. If you notice the glass of carrot juice in the middle. Seriously, its rather thick. I was wondering how many oranges or carrots they used just for the small glass of juice.

Happy reading~

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  1. jason // December 3, 2008 at 11:33 AM  

    Wah... really have to plan for Langkawi trip liao!