Penang Flogger Potluck Gathering

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Lingzie emailed me a couple of days ago and asked if I could join the flogger potluck gathering today. I had plans so I turned down the invitation. Sorry ya! Eventually I suggested about virtual potluck and the organiser gladly accept it LOL.

Here is my share of the virtual potluck, Summer Roll revisited. Haha! Due to hygiene purposes, I can't hold the camera to shoot the process :P The reason its called the Summer Roll is because of the ingredients. I know, its winter now but I can't help it because its idiot proof and delicious.

Summer Roll

This recipe comprises 3 parts: skin, filling and sauce.


2 eggs (preferably A/AA grade...can't help it either. I love eggs ;)

2 tablespoons of milk

A pinch of salt and sugar (you can choose to omit the sugar)

Some oil to grease the pan (can also omit this if you have a nonstick pan)

Beat the eggs together with the milk, salt and sugar. Heat up the pan on high heat with some oil. Pour the egg mixture into the wok when the wok start to smoke a bit. Quickly turn the heat to medium-low after finish pouring the egg into the pan. You can stir the middle until it starts to solidify and subsequently flip the egg omelet. Let it sit for less than half minute and you can place the omelet onto a plate to cool it off.

You can make as many as you want but every omelet needs 2 eggs. Of course you can alter the steps to suit you. The main point here is to get an egg skin.


1 cucumber

1/2 Sun Melon

While waiting for the egg skin to cool down, you can start shredding the cucumber and Sun Melon.
Make sure, the cucumber core is LEFT OUT. As for the Sun Melon, just remove the seeds and peel off the skin before you start shredding. Mix both shredded cucumber and Sun Melon, make sure you squeeze off the excess water especially the cucumber. Then, place them into the freezer for a minute or two to let it chill and re-crunchify.

Not that you can't use other ingredients, it's totally up to your creativity but I find that their combined taste and texture is very interesting as well as refreshing. I tried honeydew. Difficult to shred and mushed up easily.


1-2 dollop Mayo

A wedge worth juice of Lemon or Lime

1/2 table spoon condensed milk (sweetened creamer for Msian's case)

A dash or two of Italian Herbs mix (can omit but it would be a huge difference)

During the chilling process, throw the mayo, lemon/lime juice, condensed milk and herb mix into a small bowl. Mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Now that everything is prepared, you can take the egg skin, put the shredded filling near to the side of the skin and start rolling like popiah! You don't have to fold the sides but make sure the roll is compact. After rolling it, cut off the sides for yourself to curi makan and serve the nicely sliced roll to your guest.

Happy rolling~

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