Penang Gurney Drive Coffee Island

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Heard a lot about this place but never actually visited it. Finally made a trip there with my parents to celebrate the fact that I have finished my 3 years course.

That time was still hot and humid although the sun has almost set :S

Sitting outside would be nice as it has its own ambiance but an air conditioned area would be better unless you want to end up being a sweat pig after the meal.

Looks decent right?

Plush chairs and quiet environment. A nice place to gather with friends.

I saw people who brought their laptops in. I guess there should be WiFi.

Other than coffee and roti bakar, they offer a selection of local and western food. Dad ordered Grilled Lamb with Mushroom Sauce priced at a whopping RM19.50 O.0

I did not feel like eating much so I ordered Pandan Chicken Drumstick. De-boned roasted chicken thigh with a hint of pandan and glaze. Well, its sweet. The chicken might be marinated with a lot of sugar. RM8.50 per drumstick. New Lane Roast Chicken Drumstick taste better and less expensive XD

My aunt ordered Kapitan Curry Nasi Lemak which doesn't seem to give any kick and it cost RM12.50 :S Grandpa and mom had wok hei-less unappealing Seafood Hor Fun at RM7.50 per plate.

Drinks are expensive as well...depending on what you order. I had Rose Tea and you can keep asking for hot water. I did not know how to use the tea container above. So ulu of me, all I had to do was to press the red button on the cover to let the tea flow to the bottom compartment of the container. It was a few minutes (okay...a whole 10 minutes) before I figured that out.

As I said, a great hang out place for drinks only. The food is not all that fantastic. Sorry for the lousy pictures. Mom decided to go there last minute and I only had my handphone with me XD I heard that the outlet opens till 3am.

Total damage was RM85 O.o

Happy reading~

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