Penang Gurney Drive Crepe Cottage

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On Thursday night, a call came in at 9pm...
Me: Ya what?
S: Later let's go for supper at around 10.30pm or 11pm. SM will go to your place and fetch you.
Me: Hayo. So late d, you guys go lah.
After 5 minutes of giving all sorts of reason...
S: I don't care lah. Just come together with SM.

Okay, I might have exaggerated but my point is I never seem to be able to talk her through :S Eventually SM came and by the time we reach Crepe Cottage, it was already 11.30pm :P
A very common hour for me recently to go out with friends and yum-cha.

Despite many blog post about this place by other bloggers, I never thought about going to this pancake house.

Beautiful selection of crepes and pancakes but I only had RM20 in my wallet. Sayonara plum and strawberry pancake :( My friend told me each of those pancakes easily cost more than RM10.

A cosy place and not many patrons as it was almost midnight XD

S ordered Cranberry Juice (RM5.00) and SM ordered Apple Cider (RM5.50). I ordered Pink Velvet (Strawberry Milkshake with fresh strawberries and cherries, RM8). Didn't really like it. The shake wasn't cold enough and who knows how many strawberries the person actually added in? :P

We also ordered a basket of Taco Chips. Hmm...just skip this item when you are there. lol RM4.50 for a tiny basket. And the chilly mentioned as one of the sauce selection is sos cili =.= I did thought the Chilly they were to provide is the real thing.

After about 20 minutes, our pancake was served. Drizzled with mapple syrup and a squezee of lemon juice. Lemon with pancake? First time.

The 6 inch pancake was priced at RM4.50.

Other than pancakes, they have western food too. However, my friend said their pancakes fared better compare to the main meals.

Total damage = RM27.50

I would prefer Paddington House of Pancakes or better still, make my own pancakes XD

Shop location:
Along Gurney Drive.
Beside Restoran 77 (Famous for Fish Head Curry), Lorong Burma.
77-A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Opening hours: ?? - 12 am
Not sure about the opening hours but they should be closed around 12 sumthing midnight because it was the time we left the premise.

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Happy reading~

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