Moving on from Taiping, we quickly head over to Kuala Sepetang, my friends hometown. Not exactly great weather but at least there was no rain. Before reaching Kuala Sepetang Town, one has to drive past this road. On the left side of the picture is the famous Matang Mangrove Forest or to some "红树林". A long straight road with dense mangrove forest on the side, very scenic indeed.

A couple of minutes later, we reach the town. It was an interesting experience to me because I have never been to this part of Perak before. I could only see hills and rubber trees back at my father's hometown.

My friends and I were very excited. One of them thinks this place is 'photogenic'. Hahaha...I have to agree with him. 这地方很有味道...

The bustling Kuala Sepetang Town roads are much more narrow compare to Pekan Lenggong. Thus not having a feel that its a pekan. Hahaha. It felt more like a housing area with mini grocery stores and coffee shops instead XD By the way, a quick check on wikipedia, this place was previously known as Port Weld. So there is a history behind this town but I guess my friend didn't know about it LOL...

We were just in time to catch the scene below. The workers were gathering dried prawns after sun drying them on cement floor for the whole day. The premise next to my friend's home is a small factory producing dried prawns and salted fish. That's why when we got off the car, the area smells of dried seafood. 海的味道... LOL!

We hanged out here for a while to take some air. Light breeze swifts by with swallows chirping.

My friend's dad was cleaning the Mantis Prawns for our dinner later in the evening! I think there's a kilo of it in there! Wahahaha...I shall leave it for the next post.

It only took my dad's friend awhile to finish up what he was doing. And he threw us a surprise by telling us we are getting a short boat ride along the river! Woohoo! The jetty was a stones throw away from my friend's home.

Houses in Kuala Sepetang were built closely together. They remind me of my previous visit to Penang's Mixed Surname Jetty.

Walk through the alley and here we were.

The jetty faces the mangrove swamp. Pretty much like Nibong Tebal but I think the Kuala Sepetang's river view was much nicer.

Somehow the sky cleared a little but it wasn't hot. It's been a while since I hop onto a boat.

Sorry for the blur picture. Haha this is the best my (lousy) camera could take in maximum zoom mode. Unfortunately it got maximum-ly blurred too :P

Spent several good minutes on the boat taking in the view and a sky full of eagles. Very happy :D The day was getting late. Already 5 pm when we returned from the boat ride.

Not to waste time, we quickly change our transportation mode to car and head off to our next destination, Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve :D

Happy reading~

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  1. Tarts and Pies // September 21, 2009 at 12:18 AM  

    Yeah yeah yeah, Kuala Sepetang... Did you try the famous Curry Noodles in Sepetang?

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // September 21, 2009 at 1:13 AM  

    Tarts and Pies:
    Nope I didn't. But I had the prawn noodle :)