I tell you, I haven't had that much prawns in my life O.o After all the walking and trips, time for DINNER! If you recall the picture of an uncle squatting at the back of the house cutting mantis prawns...yupz its there on the table all ready to be munched by us :D :D :D

I can't remember the names of the meat balls but it has a powdery texture (yam?) to it with some 5 spices powder scent and wrapped together in beancurd sheets. I didn't see the process of making it because we were still out...somewhere in the forest haha...By the way, the aunty is a Teochew (as well as the rest of the villagers) so its a Teochew appetizer?

Here is one of the main characters...yummy yummy~ Boiled freshly caught prawns. How fresh? They were hauled up at that very evening :D Bouncy meat with no weird 'water' smell. For that I could only think of these words... 鲜味 I walloped half of the tray :)

This, I also walloped half of them :D We were lucky to have them :D During the week (few days before we get there) there were no sign of the mantis prawns but fortunately B's dad manage to catch them on the day we arrived.

It was also very fresh. When we peel the shells off, the flesh was intact (as a whole) and FIRM. All of us enjoyed sucking and biting the meat off. The curry mantis prawns was B's mother's special and she had mercy on us by making it less spicy... Hahaha!

I wasn't planning to stop until YC told me that her friend turned allergic to prawns due to prawn overdose :S So much for telling me that...I dropped my prawn immediately after hearing that LOL!

It was a cooling night and fortunately no rain. We decided to ride around the small pekan. Some were on bicycles, some rode the motorcycle. We stopped over at the market area for some ais kacang and there were so many people.

I saw a stall selling prawn noodles and the other sells curry mee. My friend told me the curry mee there's famous but I was more curious about prawn noodles. I could only stomach 1 bowl of noodle so I picked prawn noodles instead :)

Well, I didn't regret. The prawn noodle soup wasn't as murky as the ones in Penang and my mouth doesn't stink after having them. It's like having a slightly diluted version of my friend's prawn noodle. Interestingly, they don't use fried shallots. Instead they add in fried 'tim chok' (甜竹) and the owner was pretty generous with the prawns. Although tiny, but every bite of the noodle has a prawn or two stuck on it. Haha. The prawns didn't seem to be fried with chilli like the ones in Penang but they are good on their own. Before I forgot, their soup wasn't sweet base but 鲜甜 and more to the savory side :) I slurped the bowl dry. After that, I realised there wasn't any sediments beneath the bowl which you would normally find when having Penang prawn noodles.

All that was washed down with a bowl of ais kacang....I was extremely satisfyingly bloated ~ *burp*

Happy reading~

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  1. cariso // October 7, 2009 at 7:41 PM  

    Half of that? Are you crazy?! :)

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // October 7, 2009 at 10:53 PM  

    I think almost leh...cuz eat finish the time got 2 bukit of prawn shells LOL

  3. Anonymous // October 9, 2009 at 11:41 AM  

    Yummy i love prawns!