I think it's a coincidence that the trip was arranged in a chain manner LOL! We spent less than 20 minutes at the charcoal factory and headed over to the Matang Forest Reserve, the place where Green Wood/Bakau Minyak grows. The ride took no more than 5 minutes to reach there. We were a bit in a rush because the day's getting darker.

After we took a form (some survey form required to fill in when we enter the area) from the office, we were immediately greeted by these trees :)

Visitors can either choose to park near the entrance and walk in; or ...

drive further more until you see the structure below. This is the starting point of the forest walk. Pretty long distance. If not mistaken, we spent around an hour and half which includes stopping a while, sight seeing and most important of all...taking pictures!

Visitors can choose to rent the chalets and stay over for the night. Not sure of the price though and at this point my friends were feeling mosquitoes wheezing all over them. Perhaps less mosquitoes during high tide?

I haven't been on a long walk for quite some time so I was sweating beads haha!

At some point of the walk, you would see the river...

and a docking area where the boats (for fire fly trips) parked. Yupz...there are fire flies at Kuala Sepetang too, besides Nibong Tebal. But no one was there and we forgot to ask the officers about it before we left.

More trees... I say evening was the best time to visit the park as its not so hot.

Another place which I'd seen only through television so it felt really good for me to be there finally :)

Let's head home for dinner!

Happy reading!

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