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Thanks to Cariso for the arrangement and also Mr. Khoh for the invitation :D

I was quite excited about the trip to Kulim as I have not been there. Many of us were not familiar with the place too.

For those who knows where is Kulim's Giant Hypermarket (a.k.a Kulim Landmark Central), you should be able to know where Noodle Station is.
Easy to spot and you can enter the premise through the front door or back door (from carpark).

Little did I know Noodle Station originates from Kelantan. Yupz...It's the same outlet as the one at E-Gate, Penang Island. Kulim outlet just open this year.

GPS location: N 05°23.155' E 100°32.783'

Good news for Muslim friends as the restaurant is halal!

When I stepped in I saw tons of cordials at the bar area.

We had a NUMBER of drinks...the colourfuls...

Sunrise (No. 209) - RM 8.00 (blended mango juice, orange juice, strawberry & yogurt)
Mango Sorbet (No.201) - RM6.00
Kiwi Sorbet (No. 202) - RM6.00
Mango Snow (No. 208) - RM7.50 (blended fresh mango with sago)
I Love You Lemonade (No. 223) - RM 3.50 (Blue Curacao & passion fruit)
Raspberry Truffle Italian Soda (No. 226) - RM 4.50 (soda & raspberry syrup)
Angel Face (No. 230) - RM8.00 (lemon, Blue Curacao & lychee with soda)

Recently my taste buds switched to non-adventurous mode LOL...I actually preferred ...

Iced Ceylon Lemon Tea (No. 156) - RM4.00

and also....
Iced Honey Peach Fruit Tea (No. 164) - RM7.50

I like the above 2 drinks as they are not too sweet and refreshing~

Besides, Honey Peach Fruit Tea is a value drink because of the serving size. Two people can certainly share this.

Ice Age (No. 212) - RM 8.00 (blended vanilla, Blue Curacao, blackcurrant juice and yogurt)
Au Natural (No. 181) - RM 6.00 (iced raspberry & lemon)

The tastes of each mocktail concoction really depends on the person herself. Some likes the ice blended, some prefers smoothies. Ice Age was pretty interesting but a little too sweet for my liking.

Next came the earthy drinks...

Iced Teh Tarik (No. 150) - RM4.00

I didn't quite like the teh tarik as the tea flavour wasn't strong enough but it was smooth and milky.

Iced Cream Cappuccino (No.115) - RM8.00
Mocha Iced Blended (No.120) - RM8.00
Snowflake Americano (No.96) - RM 6.00
Havana Holiday (No.95) - RM7.00
Teh Tarik Hazelnut (No.140) - RM3.50
After Dinner Mint Cappuccino (No.80) - RM7.00

The Teh Tarik had some vanilla aftertaste, probably due to the hazelnut syrup. There is an error in the picture. The Pure Choc is supposed to be Mocha Iced Blended. Anyway, ice blended Mocha was smooth and tasted softer than other coffee based drinks.

Green Tea Honey Latte (No. 172) RM6.50

This drink has gotta be the weirdest drink combination in my life LOL! We are talking about mixing green tea with coffee XD Unfortunately, I couldn't accept the flavour. Haha...its too much for me...

Pure Chocolate Iced Blended (No.190) - RM8.50

Pure chocolate was not bad. Taste like thicker version of Milo lol...But I wasn't in the mood of having coffee or chocolate during the review :P

Kulim Noodle Station - Food coming up soon!

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