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Here comes their standard noodle...prepared the classic way, 'kon lo' style...

Springy Noodle With Fried Chicken Dumpling (No. 7) RM 6.50

I would prefer it to be a little bit saltier though. I quite like the fried chicken dumpling.

Hahaha! The chicken thigh and drumstick definitely looks alluring to me. It almost covered the whole bowl! I would love to chomp it down the caveman style but I think as a cha bo gina kia, its better to chop it down to smaller pieces. You wouldn't want people staring at you right? The noodle taste is the same as the above, dry style.

Springy Noodle With BBQ Honey Whole Leg Chicken (No. 15) RM 8.00

Fried Springy Noodle With Prawn - Non Spicy (No. 39) RM6.50

I quite like the taste of the dish as its very egg-gy and fragrant. Too bad its soft for my liking and it would be great with a little more 'wok hei'.

Fried Springy Noodle With Thai Style - Spicy (No. 40) RM6.50

The noodles are dryer thus not as soft as the previous noodle but the chilli seems to overcome the egg smell. Not very spicy too. Can try if you prefer more kick for your noodle.

Below are:
Front - Curry Springy Noodle With Prawn & Fish Ball (No. 25) RM 7.50

Curry mee was ok but some thinks its salty...hahaha...You don't have to slurp the soup and just eat the noodles :P

Back - Springy Noodle Soup With Tom Yam Seafood (No. 32) RM 7.50

Tom Yam was pretty power. The soup was very flavourful but a little too sweet. I suspect they added milk which softens the tom yam original bursting flavours. According to the owners, this Tom Yam noodle is the top seller at Penang E-Gate outlet.

Fried Yellow Noodle Hokkien Style- Kicap Hitam (No. 49) RM6.50

Not bad actually. But again would like it to have more 'wok hei'. The taste was just right. Not too salty. The lye water taste is inevitable because its a Hokkien Char signature taste lol!

Well as I have mentioned in my previous post about char koay teow..."no charcoal, no char koay teow" right? Its obviouly cooked using gas stove. So its unfair for me to comment on this :)

Spicy Fried Kuey Teow (No. 44) RM6.00

Tom Yam Fried Rice With Prawn (No. 54) RM6.50

The rice tasted ok but a little too wet for my liking. Again Tom Yam power and kaffir lime leaves helps to ellavate the fragrance alot.

Fried Rice With Prawn (No. 53) RM6.00

This has got to be the healthiest dish of the restaurant. Less oil, Less salt and Less cooked vegetable. Don't get me wrong here. The fried rice bears resemblance to kerabu fried rice but minus the fresh herbs used. The vege in the fried rice would usually be slightly undercooked to retain crunchyness.

For those who wants some extra bites, Noodle Station offers an array of side dishes you can order.

Honey BBQ Chicken Wing- 6PCS (No. 72) RM14.50

Hmmm...I still prefer my own chicken wing :D

Fried Chicken Dumpling- 10PCS (No. 73) RM5.00

For those who are tham jiak like me and would like lots of fried wantan (but the ones came with noodle, not enough)... You can always order extra and have the whole plate to yourself :D
Nicely fried but they can use a paper or 2 to soak up the oil a bit.

Suppose to be 10 in a plate but some were munched up...*ahem ahem*...by me...

For those who really really dun like noodles and die die also must have western food regardless where you are....

Chicken Chop With Brown Sauce (No. 57) RM10.90

I prefer oriental style chicken chop. This chicken chop uses brown sauce. But nevertheless, the chicken is very crispy.

Super Sandwich With Smoke Turkey (No. 67) RM7.50

Sandwich was crispy with thick toast, smokey turkey ham flavour and vege. For those who just want a quick bite, this should be the one.

A new outlet thus lots of room for improvement especially the food. However, its a decent halal place for everyone to get together. With their extensive drinks menu, now I have another place to suggest when meeting up with my Muslim friends hehehe...

G 7, Ground Floor, Landmark Central Shopping Centre
No.1, Jalan KLC Satu (1),
09000 Kulim, Kedah Darul Aman.

Tel/Fax : 04-4954168
Business Hours : 10.30am - 10pm

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  1. Tarts and Pies // October 25, 2009 at 5:54 PM  

    This is not about biasness but I don't feel like patronising their shop because of the poster which spoils my appetite every time when I walk past. The poster features a non-Chinese nor Indian woman slurping a bowl of noodles...

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // October 27, 2009 at 1:44 AM  

    Tarts and Pies:
    Maybe you should email the outlet and tell them...hahaha...