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Woohoo~ So much have been said about Kelang Lama laksa but not many post about it. I guess people would be flocking to the place after so many of us wrote about it. I came back from Kuala Sepetang the week before and tried their laksa but the taste wasn't really to my liking.

I wonder how would this stall fare?

Foods like this are always isolated right? Keeps making you so curious about it!

Too bad the 'chai kuih' is not opened on that day :(

Anyway, laksa stall opened was what matters most!

Cariso was very amazed by the laksa's stall innovation LOL Kulim is not only famous for laksa but also their flies :P

There is also a huge container of Laksa crackers which they called "laksa peah"... They just leave it there and customers would help themselves with it. Talking about trust in 21st century...

Each piece of this costs 20 sen ...so dip in!

The crackers were pretty fragrant with some ikan bilis (local dried anchovies) added in because the flavour is very subtle. Now the main character, the laksa...Despite coming from an island where the laksa is famous throughout Malaysia and even abroad, I actually like this laksa more. Yes...you read it right. Not as vibrant looking as the ones on the island but it taste good. The broth doesn't smell too fishy and not too sweet. The slight sourish taste makes you want to slurp more hahaha...Very appetizing and moderately light.

Another major thing is the noodles. I have never come across laksa noodles this springy! Judging the non even surface of the noodles, I believe its self made.

Laksa from Penang (sweetish, jelak and too spicy sometimes) while Kuala Sepetang (salty, sour and moderately spicy).

A bowl of this would cost RM2.40 (small) and RM2.80 (big) and RM1.20 for only a bowl of soup :D

After slurping off a bowl of laksa, you can chill down with a bowl of ais kacang. Ice shaving was very fine which literally melts before its even in your mouth LOL. Pretty similar to Malay ais kacang because they add in shreds of dried nutmeg and used condensed milk.

We continue our journey heading to our next stop, Ki Xiang Bak Kut Teh back at Seberang Perai...Told ya..the laksa was light XD Joking! 4 of us shared a bowl, so go figure!

Happy reading~

Laksa Kelang Lama
Behind SJK Kelang Lama, Kulim.
Business Hour: 11.00am -6.00pm (Closed on Monday)
Tel: 04-4904935

Bukit Mertajam Branch
Taman Jaya,
Tel: 012-460 8866

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  1. jason // October 30, 2009 at 11:46 AM  

    4 person shared a bowl? Did the aunty/uncle gave you girls some weird stare? :P

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // October 31, 2009 at 1:07 AM  

    haha no la cuz got many people...13 people all together...then got a few bowls ma...haha