Finally back in Penang in one piece :P Haha...October was surely a super busy month packed with travels be it near or far. After a review trip to Kulim and touring around Georgetown with friends on separate days of a weekend, I continued my journey down south to the Singapore.

I haven't taken Air Asia to Singapore before and they gave me a 45 minute flight delay as a "welcome gift" for a start :S

Weather was pretty bad throughout that week in Penang. If the plane arrived early, I would have boarded the plane in the midst of a heavy downpour. And no, I never thought I would need an umbrella prior boarding a plane :P

Fortunately the clouds cleared after the rain. The only thing I enjoyed throughout the flight was the aerial view. Not to mention, it is also the only thing free from them :S Back then when I flew with SIA, there was not much to see. In short, I quite enjoy the journey up in the air. If not mistaken the island in the picture below is Pulau Jerejak.
My enjoyable moment only lasted for a while before my head felt like its going to explode...until I landed...

This is also my first time at Changi Airport Terminal 1. Not much difference from Terminal 2 except the length which would take forever for you to reach the end.

At the imigration counter...
Me: Excuse me, could you tell me where to extend my social visit pass?
Officer: You are here for how many days? Would you be going anywhere else?
Me: 21 days. No I am not going anywhere.
Officer: There I give you 30 days already. You don't want is it?

Okay...blur me. I thought I would have to extend my stay on my own at some remote office building hahaha...Why didn't they do the same thing for me previously???

Went to the hospital to visit my uncle after touching down. This is the cafetria of Ang Mo Kio Rehab Center. The rehab center is something like a smaller hospital for patient to recuperate. So the place has lots of greens around and much more quiet.

Environment was clean and no 'hospital smell' at all.

My first food in Singapore would be a plate of Black Pepper Chicken Chop, SGD4+ Sauce was okay but the chicken was pretty tough and dry. A pile of fries was given as if its free. Took me some time to finish it. Well at least they have chicken chop here. I wonder other hospital cafeteria serves Chicken Chop?

Just wait till I get to Tan Tock Seng Hospital at Novena...

Happy reading~

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