It was my first time heading over to Toa Payoh if I exclude the trip of sending my friend home a few years back :P Only after I went back to Penang, my mom told me about the curry mee at Toa Payoh =.=

Me and my cousin bro were heading over to Toa Payoh Community Centre to settle some applications. The cab dropped us in front of Toa Payoh's community library. Such a huge building...which I am very sure there are tons of books in there...But it doesn't matter now. I can enter USM library and borrow books any time any day LOL...

It was almost 6pm when we were done with our errand. Clear sky and pretty hot. This is when a lady came by and asked us, "Do you know where is XXX shop?" with a look on her face hoping we could answer her. Too bad we couldn't as we are not local.

Not much things here except for ordinary shops.

At the end of the open air mall, we walked to this area. This is where high rise buildings starts to dot the other half of the place and I did feel as if I was transported to another part of the island or something.

On the way to Toa Payoh MRT station, a teenage girl holding a music phone walked to us and asked, "Excuse me, do you know any cinemas around here?" Again, we were not able to answer her. Singapore doesn't seem to be that small after all.

Judging the sun ray, you would have guess that me and my cousin bro were probably roasted by then...and that was when I saw a row of shops on my right side particularly the one I am going to feature...

Tiong Bahru Pau & Cake Shop. Toa Payoh area but Tiong Bahru Pau Shop... Anyway, people were queuing up in front of the shop, so we joined the crowd too LOL!

With a number of items on the price list, I didn't hesitate to ask a customer queuing behind me on what are the shop's famous items :) She told me their all their items were good especially the pau. She didn't say what pau so I decided to order 鸡肉大包 SGD1.50 and 鸡球大肉包 SGD1.50 since I never heard of them before.

Fried items looked good but we were heading off to Ang Mo Kio to have our dinner, so I gave it a miss.

However, I saw this basket of siu mai-s which looks really good. Pricing at SGD 0.70 per piece, I only asked for 1 :P

The siu mai-s are the largest I'd seen so far. It looks as if the meat were bursting out of the siu mai wrappings LOL...At least double the size of our Malaysian siu mai.

The taste? It was great. Fresh meat taste. No fridge or weird smell whatsoever, not overly minced, has some bite to it and juicy. Worth every cent I paid for it.

We didn't eat the pau on the spot. Instead, I put them into freezer once we get home like after 4 hours? :P Pau will last longer and maintain its flavour if you freeze them. And that's what happen to the pau below.

After 2-3 days of rock solid freezing, they still come out delicious and juicy as if we just bought it.
I think the pau below is 鸡球大肉包. Its really good. Fragrant with wine smell and juices were flowing from the pau.

鸡肉大包 on the other hand wasn't as good as 鸡球大肉包. It lacks something which makes it less tasty comparing to 鸡球大肉包. Dad says it's important that they add ginger juice to balance off the wine in 鸡球大肉包.

Anyway, I am happy to be able to try regular food like these :D

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