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Sorry peeps for the lack of updates. Had been busy looking for jobs after I got back from Singapore and now that I'd secured a job, I got even busier with the company's work =.= So much happened within these 2 months and I don't know which to post anymore :P

Anyway, after 2 years (?) I can't afford to give it a miss. It's the only place (so far) where I could get my freshly prepared Tamago.

Of course in big cities, please be early else you would have to stand in line. For how long? That I don't know. Everywhere just seems to be filled with people and they come out of no where. Haha!
The words on the board means "Business in operation". I wonder in Japan, they do this as well hehe.

On my previous visit, I sat in front of the kitchen area where you can see all the action going on. This time we tried the tables. I manage to snap back shot of the lady boss (I think) of the restaurant.

One thing I love about Marutama is the free flow of water and tissue! Wahaha! I don't mind self service for such things LOL

On the table, there was also fried garlic slices. Looking all crispy-licious, I took one and popped into my mouth. Immediately after that, my face just scrunched up as it was SO BITTER. Too bad...else I would enjoy it as a side snack LOL

First arrived was the Dashimaki (Tamago with dashi) SGD 8.00 Not exactly cheap but its really nice to have piping hot tamago with dashi flavour. And not to mention, JUICY. However, I did feel they added more dashi to the eggs last time compare to the ones I had recently.

Since I came with my cousin bro, we ordered Char Siu Gohan (Char Siu Rice) SGD5.00 Unbelievable isn't it??? The egg is more expensive than the bowl of rice packed with pork! The char siu was great. With a bit of burnt like smell and sweetness from the onions together with fresh pork, thumbs up. Pickled vege that comes with it taste good too. Makes you even wanna gobble up the whole bowl.

The main character arrived at last, Aka Ramen SGD15.00 According to the menu, the soup is made of 7 kinds of ground nuts mixture with chicken soup (mild spicy). Well to me its not spicy at all. The noodles came with generous amount of spring onions, some Chinese parsley, 3 Tori Dango (chicken meatballs) and a lemon wedge. Yes we squeeze the lemon into the noodle for extra flavor.

Yumz...Springy ramen with thick soup but still not as flavorful as last time. Or is it because its a new soup base which had been brought to stove not long before we arrived? Could it be the recession that hit Singapore so hard that restaurant operators had to cut cost some how? But regardless how they cut, it still taste good and I can never get such food back in Penang.

Cousin bro and I both agree that Char Siu Gohan kind of over shadowed the noodles LOL

Total damage was SGD32.95 for 2 person. It was pretty filling although we only ordered those three items.

Location: #03-90/91 The Central, Singapore.
Contact: (Tel) 6534 8090 (Fax) 6534 8077

Happy reading~

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  1. durianberry // December 22, 2009 at 8:29 PM  

    Nice setting; looks unpretentious and authentic.

    Eh fried garlic chips sure bitter wan -_-;;

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // December 25, 2009 at 4:22 PM  

    wahaha selamat datang...Ya authentic's the word when Singapore NST mentioned this place.

    Fried garlic chips...*make mental note to myself* DO NOT TOUCH lol

  3. jason // January 11, 2010 at 7:36 PM  

    Actually, I don't know that garlic chips are bitter too...