Another back dated post I know LOL Anyway...I was on the way to somewhere and my cousin bro told the taxi to take PIE. Never passed this expressway before so the ride itself was pretty interesting.

Manage to catch Eye of Singapore. Almost missed the shot because there were several trucks blocking the view. Didn't go for a ride as its really expensive. About SGD100 per person? I would rather ride on the Carlsberg Sky Tower at Sentosa if I really want to see the city from above.

After settling our things at Raffles Place, we visited Chinatown or rather I insisted to go there to have a look hehe...Chinatown was not really that far and so we walked. Soon, we reached People's Court or Hong Lim Complex (right side of below's picture) as the sign stated.

Many hawker stalls and bicycles considering this is the city centre.

Hong Lim Complex is a huge area and this place is filled with dried seafood stores and Chinese medicine halls. We stopped by this store to get China Barley. Not that we couldn't get it from other place but I decided to get it from this store so I can kaypo around the place to see what they have hahaha.

As what I expected, fresh products and the price depends on what you are getting. Although same product but Singapore's is always a level better. At least Grade 2. Needless to say, Grade 1 products will always belong to Hong Kong. More variety too.

I didn't know we can still get durians in October :P I guess durians are also GM-ed (genetically modified).

Speaking of durians, I saw this along the way. The picture stated "Durian Puree with Pomelo Sago" O.o ...Haven't heard about it but I didn't want to get my breath stinky, so didn't try.

From Chinatown, we headed to Orchard Road for dinner at Din Tai Fung in Wisma Atria. I have been yearning to eat there after my first try.

If not because we need to fulfill the vegetable quota, I don't think I would order this. Forgot what vege is it but it was pretty fibrous. Nevertheless, the wok hei was there and not too oily.

Beef Tendon noodles...Every bowl comes with 3 chunks of beef + tendon sticking at the sides. The soup was alright but the beef chunks were a little disappointment because its not like what I had previously, the melt in the mouth kind of thing??? No more :(((( In fact I find the beef a bit tough. My jaws became tired after chewing the meat. It's that tough...

Cousin bro said he is very thirsty after eating the noodles...I think you get the point.

Hehe I have a soft spot for desserts so I rather forgo xiao long bao for desserts. Quite a number of customers ordered this. I had this last time too. There are only 2 flavours available, Mango Pudding and Green Tea Pudding with Red Beans.

Mango pudding was definitely nicer this time with mango cubes in it. I think they didn't use condensed milk anymore. No more the milky intense flavour :(

Green tea pudding flavour has changed to those 'mooncake' green tea flavour :((((( I think they no longer use real macha for this. How sad! I remember when I first tried the pudding, it was a tiny bit bitter because of the macha but original flavour at least. Another thing was the milk wasn't enough for me. The dessert turned out watery-er than I expected.

A time to search for better beef noodles...too bad.

Location: Din Tai Fung, Wisma Atria, Orchard Road.

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  1. durianberry // January 25, 2010 at 11:00 PM  

    Stinky or not I will put my mouth on durian pomelo sago.

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // January 26, 2010 at 11:02 PM  

    haha dunno why back then i feel like rejecting durian...

  3. cariso // February 9, 2010 at 9:26 PM  

    My colleague has highly recommended this to me woh!

  4. Cokeworld Citizen // February 10, 2010 at 7:56 PM  

    Highly recommend the durian sago??? Aiyo sudah jao bou...

  5. Travel // March 18, 2010 at 2:02 AM  

    Oh My goodness...stuffing those is like heaven.