**Update on Edo Ichi 2nd Round:
Below is the list of food I had on a Saturday night with my parents ;) Sorry ya no pictures. Not in a mood to take recently.

Sashimi & Tempura Set - RM48
Hotate Carpaccio - RM45
Seafood Fried Rice - RM12
Nameko Fried Rice - RM8
Tsukimi Udon - RM14
Soft Shell Crab & Salmon Skin Salad - RM18
Salmon Sushi - RM10
Yaki Gyuza - RM8

It was our 2nd visit to the restaurant and we had to wait for our seats. About 1/2 hour wait since they were full. They were attentive enough to get our numbers and call us when there is a vacant table. I don't know about others but we liked their service and we're served by the same Captain (Alson) for the second time.

Anyway about the food, Sashimi Tempura Set comprises of a tempura (2 large prawns with some vege) and sashimi. No complains about the freshness but somehow the sashimi was served in smaller slices compare to my first visit. And we were not lucky enough to get a good cut of Shiro Maguro thus the slightly rough texture. They run out of Tako so they replaced one of the sashimi with a fish called "Kampachi"? Can't remember but the fish has a tiny bit firmer texture and bite-feel. The 3rd type of sashimi given with the set was salmon. Salmon was good. Smooth and glides down your throat. You get the idea. Overall, I think I would go back to my first choice which is the Yakiniku & Sashimi Set.

Hotate Carpaccio was served with avocado cubes, Ikura, fried garlic slices and drizzled with some dressing. Not bad but I personally won't order this due to the price. With additional RM15, I could have gotten a live shell fish sashimi (similar to scallops but better). The hotate we had was frozen scallops from US thus no taste to it other than the dressing. But its really smooth and the taste blends well together because of the scallop.

Seafood and Nameko fried rice both had different fragrance for sure but they are equally delicious. Seafood fried rice comes with a large shelled prawn and some sotong. Nameko comes with nameko lor (mushroom). LOL

Tsukimi Udon is worth a try for those who are looking for handmade noodles. Yupz, the udon noodle is made by the restaurant itself which I hardly find restaurants who does that. I never tried handmade udon before. The texture was chewy, firm and smooth. Glides down my throat in no time. Other than that the seaweed soup is very light compare to super salty Miso. A good item to share among a group while waiting for the main dish to arrive.

One MUST order item would be the Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Skin Salad. It's really good! Crabs were fresh and fried to perfection. Crispy outer layer but soft on the inside. Paired together with the paper thin but super crispy salmon skin, drizzled with their special sauce...good ah! Most importantly the crabs are fresh else it would be geli to swallow.

Salmon sushi was normal but their rice is sweet. Just like the sushi I had back at Singapore. The salmon slice was thicker than the ones served with the set but some parts were fibrous.

Yaki Gyuza was as good as usual but we did feel it shrunk a little.

Regardless what I say, the place is always full house during the weekend :P

I manage to get the number of the restaurant. They actually run out of name cards...can you believe that?

Tel: 04-890 3199

A break from Singapore's posts, today I want to write about the dinner I had just now before I forget the details.

When I saw this restaurant last week, I was amazed at the crowd in it despite being in an almost deserted Island Plaza. Good food sign LOL... Finally I get to visit this place with my parents.

Opened not very long ago, about a month and the owner is Azuma Japanese Restaurant's owner (the one at Queensbay Mall). I was surprise to hear that because I did not think Azuma is all that great but this restaurant certainly opened my eyes.

Love the beer and Sake bottle display. Lots of smiles from the friendly waiter and waitresses too. Although the restaurant is not very big, I quite like the table placement at the main hall. There were 2 big fish tanks with live corals and colourful fishies :D Not many customers around so we get to sit beside the fish tank.

Next to my table is the sashimi bar. As you can see there are 2 chefs in the picture. One is Executive Chef in black and the sashimi chef in white behind the counter. Busy busy busy ain't they? I also manage to kaypo a bit about the chef in black. It seems that the boss of the restaurant "invited" the chef trained in Japan more than 20 years with a handsome pay to lead the restaurant...hmmmm...Restaurant's menu is written by that chef as well.

Anyway, kaypo stuff aside. We had to decide and order quick as last order is 10pm :P

Not missing the drinks as well but very pricey...fresh/pure fruit juice cost a bomb O.o I ordered Mango Tango, RM14.

Obviously, the tea came first. Three of us each had a glass of Ocha, RM1 per glass, unlimited refill. And a thick one too. Feels good.

The juice came. No ice added but its cold. Wonder they blend together with the ice or freeze the mango then blend. The glass is quite big, definitely needs a couple of mangoes to fill it up :P

便喝便看鱼游来游去. Probably I should have ordered Kawaii Hawaii to have more feel LOL

Appetizers came one after another continuously. Kitchen was pretty quick I would say. Not very long waiting time. Means good food comes fast right? Hehe... First off, Yasai Kakiage Tempura, RM13. This mix vege tempura was crispy and not oily at all.

And it feels so light when you bite on it. Just the right amount of flour batter sticking on the vege. The tempura colour was yellow golden brown which should be the standard tempura colour.

We ordered 2 plates of Yaki Gyuza, RM 8 per plate (5 pieces). After snapping photos for sometime, the dumpling skin remains crispy. Ok lah maybe not as crispy as when it was served hot.

Not bad and it doesn't have that greeny uncooked like Kuchai smell. Not sure what meat they put in but vege was more than meat. Actually I did prefer it to be slightly more juicy.

Beef Enoki Roll, RM20
is a MUST ORDER. Seriously, I can swallow a bowl of rice with just this plate of beef roll. No extra flavouring (maybe a pinch of salt or dash of shoyu?) and all you could taste is the fresh beef taste with its juice and oil absorbed into the crunchy enoki mushrooms. Good ah! Another thing, the roll was really jam packed with enoki mushrooms. The juice leftover was poured into my rice and even the rice turned fragrant. Haha!

More mushrooms to come because we ordered Nameko Fried Rice RM8. Super nice egg fragrance with a hint of mushroom smell. We savoured every spoon of it.

I chose this fried rice because its the very last picture I saw after flipping the menu and it looks special. In fact, I never tried mushroom fried rice before so order lah!

My Sashimi & Yakiniku Set RM46 arrived. I think the price is pretty reasonable. Considering the generous portions. I forgot to mention that so far they did not skimped on anything and what you see is what you get.

The main character was of course the sashimi and they have my favourite Shiro Maguro! I was shocked when I saw such thick slices. Told you they were generous. Fresh, no fishy smell and thick fish slices served with freshly grated wasabi. Thumbs up :DDD

Speaking of sashimi, all fishes like salmon, tuna, shiro maguro and etc are freshly flown in every Tuesday and Friday. So today is wednesday, thus the sashimi is really fresh. Barely a day in the chiller.

Next is of course the stir fried beef with onion. Its good too but may be salty to some people. Salty sweet, flavourful dish and goes well with rice. As you can see, beef slices was more than the onions. Wahahaha...

The rest that came with the set is soup, chawanmushi, salad and some unagi appetizer. Soup was packed with seaweeds (not the dried nori) and tofu cubes. I find it ok but mom thinks its too salty for her. Salad was good. The sauce consists of mayonaise and some garlic mixture. Not very sour but appetizing due to the unusual salad taste. Chawanmushi was of course cottony soft...warm to my stomach...

This is the unagi appetizer with seaweed and a slice of cucumber. I haven't ate such appetizer before. Salt-ish sweet, quite special.

Because we didn't have enough of the sashimi, we decided to order a plate of sashimi with just tuna, salmon and shiro maguro. Its put under Special Order RM35 We were awed by the presentation of the sashimi. First time we had it presented this way haha! Thick and fresh fish slices served on a bed of ice decorated with some greens...ahh...so class...so Japanese...

This is how thick the salmon and shiro maguro was. Butter tuna fish was so smooth and firm, really made me feel like eating cold butter. If you could see, the salmon slices is different from those we normally see from other Jap restaurant. This should be the real salmon reddish orange, not orange. All these fish (including live oysters and scallops) are air flown direct from Japan weekly.

I heard that oysters are priced at RM30 each and its the size of your palm. Live oysters leh...must try one day...All seafood is ensured fresh because after 3 days they would get rid of them. Oysters won't be alive too long either.

They told me that there will be many more variety of sashimi grade fish flown in this coming Friday (29 Jan 2010).

Macha ice cream was a complimentary dessert for all diners as a way of promotion. Yumz...smooth real green tea flavour with heavier milk taste. ~.~ chill....

By the way, free Macha ice cream promotion is only until end of January. So siapa cepat dia dapat lah...

I thought this whole feast is going to be a bomb until the bill came and stated RM170. What you guys think???

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  1. Cheryl Wee // February 23, 2010 at 9:53 PM  

    I definitely agree with you wholeheartedly on Beef Enoki Roll being a MUST ORDER - the butter flavour was so fragrant! 2 thumbs up from me!

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // February 27, 2010 at 11:50 PM  

    Wahahaha! Very good hor??

  3. Marcus @ Georgetown, Penang // April 21, 2010 at 4:59 PM  

    been to this place twice:
    1st time - full house, fall into waiting list for an hour waiting.
    2nd time - went early, tasted the food, it's pretty good. a bit pricey though!

    anyway, it's such as quality jap restaurant!