Pear Salad - Boston Olive Oil Company

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A really really long hiatus and decided to post up a little on the EVOO I bought last Summer at Boston.

It's a really cosy place in Newbury's neighbourhood. Just happen to pass by that shop and thought about picking up some olive oil before I head to New York.

I had tried Principe Pignatelli (not sure if its the name) and I totally love it. The rich herby flowery smell. Too's long finished. lol

Anyway back to Boston Olive Oil Company. The proprietor happened to be there after a few tasting on which olive oil was closest to the Italian EVOO. After chatting with the guy only I'd found out there are season for olive oils. Different for both the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere. Olive oils produced in Europe are best consumed during their harvest season which is around beginning of the year. While olive oils from Australia is best consumed towards the end of the year as their harvest season is during end of the year.

So this means, you wouldn't want to buy Italian EVOO during end of the year because it wouldn't be fresh anymore. The EVOO featured in the picture is Hoji Blanca. The company's award winning EVOO from Australia in 2011. Although it lacked the intensity of Pignatelli's EVOO, you can still taste the smoothness, fresh, grassy with a hint of flower.

They have loads of EVOO in there, and last year they have some new comers. And they do have a range of balsamic vinegar as well.

Back in my small Penang island, I have concocted a simple salad using the EVOO. Super simple.

Basically, you can have anything in there. What I have here is:

Salad Base
Butterhead lettuce (tear apart if the leaves is too big, bite size would be good)
Chopped red tomatoes
Chopped pear (the big round juicy korean/china pears)

St. Dalfour apricot jam. (1 1/2 tablespoon, you can replace with Stonewall Kitchen's)
Boston Olive Oil Company's Hoji Blanca (depending how much you want)
Cheddar cheese

Put together the dressing ingredients (oil and jam only) into a salad bowl and mix them well. Then add in all the salad base ingredients and cheese. Cheddar cheese works best some how. Finally mix and toss everything together.

The smell is just amazing. I kept the olive oil for quite sometime and thought the smell has gone. When I mixed the oil and jam, the 'fresh' smell just came back.

No balsamic vinegar, slight sweetness and slight salty cheese makes an appetizing summer salad. 



Weekend's here and I like riding my motorcycle to places nearby for a roadside fare. Doesn't matter if its for a drink or visiting some packed with people roadside stall. I just felt fun doing so. Provided the sun is half way down the hill XD 

It's been a while since discovering rare hawker stalls like Penang Road Ais Tingkap and Hai Choo Temple Curry Mee. Now comes another underdog.

The Farlim road side laksa or better known as 红灯角十七层老字号叻 沙. This uncle has been selling at this area for about 2 years now and is well received by local Farlim people. An aunty claimed that her son must have his laksa whenever he comes back from KL. Well, that's what I heard from the aunty when she tapao-ed for her son.

A very friendly uncle and he allowed me to snap a photo of him. We chatted a bit and he told me that he use only the freshest fish available. If not mistaken, he uses some other fish instead of ikan kembung and cleans the fish thoroughly. Everytime I visit the stall, the vegetables and pineapples used are always fresh. He only cut bits of bunga kantan (ginger flower) separately when there is an order.

Not much space at the stall, so I had to tapao on a separate day to take photo of the Laksa. When I took my first slurp of the soup, I felt regret. Regret on why I'd only visited the stall after 2 years since he starts selling there. I just love it. No fishy smell. No over-boiled fish broth. The whole bowl of laksa is just fragrant. Just like how a kocha-bi laksa would taste. Not overly sweet. The spiciness was just right.

Verdict? Forget about massly produced Air Itam laksa and Penang Teochew Chendol laksa. This uncle only prepares 2 huge pots of laksa broth.

He gave me a namecard with his contacts.

阿辉 012-476 3311 / 016-441 3311
"Superdelicious laksa for any caterings, any time"

View 红灯角十七层老字号叻沙 in a larger map

Happy weekend~