CNY is merely 3 weeks away and its time to shop for baju raya. No one would want to welcome CNY with old washed out clothes izzin't it? This is also the time where we (me and friends) starts to complain and whine.....

My friend: Aiyoh! If not because my leg big chunk, I would look nice in this pants!
Me: Aiyoh! If not because of my flabby arms and bulging stomach, this top would look great!

You get the idea...

And we all agree...The more we say "we want to diet", the fatter we grow =.= aihs...Clothes with 70% discount are only available in XS..WTH? Why are all the clothes so small? Not all asians petite in size lar wei *sweat*

Anyway, even with all these complaints and whining about our centered fat at the abdomen area, I don't think I would give up this chicken rice. lolz...

Goh Teow Chik in Chulia Street serves one of the best chicken rice on the island. Well, non stop chicken coming out from the kitchen explains alot right? They expanded from 1 small tiny rice stall to 2 combined shop tiled to the ceiling. Be there early before lunch hour as the lunch hour crowd is crazy!

My parents love the chilli sauce in this eatery. Slightly salty, fragrant...I dunno what they put in but it taste good lolz...

Nicely cooked rice. Light, not oily and not jelak most importantly. The right texture.

The soup is complementary. Can request for extra soup, I think they don't charge for that. Anyway I don't really care. I would have a huge bowl of soup to myself everytime I eat there XD Chicken soup wasn't oily and has a light taste, which I think its better to avoid jelakness.

One whole plate of roast chicken!!! Love the skin. Once the chicken was still steaming with crispy skin :3 when they serve it. lolz...Unfortunately it doesn't happen always. Love the soy sauce. Would drizzle all over my plate of rice :) Yumz... Chicken was fresh & smooth...maybe except for the breast. lolz...Guess it applies to all chicken regardless its roasted, fried, steam, boiled, etc.

I want to go there makan T.T

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  1. Jason // January 14, 2008 at 12:11 PM  

    Eh... sudah beli baju raya?

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // January 14, 2008 at 8:41 PM  

    jason: sure la if not how to force myself to slim down? ;)

  3. vkeong // January 20, 2008 at 12:08 PM  

    I heard this is quite good, never tried yet. I haven't blogged about a single chicken rice shop in Penang. zzzz. Too bad it doesn't open at night...