KL Trip Day 3 - "Beyond expectation"

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After sending tons of sms-es to Citygal asking for the exact location and asking the kind folks nearby the LRt station (forgot which station ady), we manage to come to this coffee shop which everyone raved about, Yut Kee.

Very classic indeed, just like some coffee shops in Penang. Obviously, it has history of its own. As you can see, every table is equipped with a bottle of LP sauce instead of sos cili and tomato. The waiter spoke in hokkien when we made our orders hahaha! XD

Actually you can hop over to durianberry's site for better pictures and her funny catastrophic review ;)

However, durianberry was spot on. Very the catastrophic indeed. The texture of pork chop is like compressed cardboard pulps soaked in water.
The meat is so dry that no matter how much sauce they drench the pork chop, its still taste like cardboard, dry and coarse. The meat didn't look like its been hammered. I suspect they overdosed the pork with meat tenderizer powder :S
When there is pork chop, there should be chicken chop right? The chicken was mashed before we could say "Eeek!". Yes...mashed the moment your knife cuts the chicken. *rolls eyes*
So, as a person who had chicken chop at 7 different places and reviewed about it....this is the worse I'd ever had :P After salivating it for a year and this is what I get? Hayo....sungguh the kecewa...
Ah yes, before I forgot.
As you can see, they used flourless-egg batter to coat the pork before frying it. This is very similar to a western food stall in a kopitiam at Reservoir Garden which serves its chicken chop in such method. All coated with egg batter.
Durianberry thinks there is some funny taste to it.

Then comes the roti babi. I've only had roti babi at 2 different places and they are not authentic ones. Hm...it taste ok but I seriously thought there's fishy smell in it.

Anyway, there are loads of shredded onions, tiny pieces of pork (not minced), (if not mistaken) potato cubes and an unidentified ingredient. This ingredient X has consistent length and similar sizes which is impossible for pork. Besides its yellowish white in color.

Since I thought it has some fishy smell, fish meat flashed straight into my mind. Besides that, the outer bread layer taste like miku deep fried in egg batter. Hahaha, me and my friend both agree. This dish is quite muak. The oil has soaked the bread too :S

So will there be a 2nd time in Yut Kee? I doubt...Just before we leave, I manage to catch a waft of Yut Kee's lam mee from the next table. Within the split second waft, the lam mee broth should taste prawny and slightly to the sweet side. Hmmm....I am skeptical about it...So there you have it, cardboard pork chop and oily miku roti babi.

I saw a bottle of kaya (coconut jam) on the counter. It doesnt look anything like a famous hainanese kaya. All lumpy and overcooked. That explains alot eh?

After the disastrous brunch, we head over to Chow Kit to get the "Pringles" of Malay keropok. Luckily, I still remember how to get there, despite the maze like market and there are couple of stalls selling keropok as well. I didn't take picture there due to safety reasons. Nevertheless, its worth a trip there.

Then we head to the bangunan X where is sells all sorts of stuff ranging from accessories to clothes and bags. There is 5 levels of these things and they sell slightly cheaper than pasar malam. What am I talking about? This is one of the pasar malam-s source.

This building is just beside Mushroom pan mee stall :)

After half a day shopping, me and my friends went separate ways for the day. So, me and durianberry headed to Midvalley and of course, The Gardens.

I finally get to try Gelatissimo! They serve all sorts of sorbet and gelato and we had the "contemporary traffic light" which is lychee, strawberry and green tea! Lychee sorbet was fantastic. Very sweet but it taste every bit like the real thing and you can feel tiny pieces of lychee while indulging ;) Green tea wasn't all that great tho. It has a bit of karat smell and taste. Don't quite like it :P Strawberry tasted ok. We didn't feel like picking other flavours so we picked those mentioned.

I still think Azabu's Green tea ice cream tastes the best. Agree?

Later, we made way to S-Bread for the charcoal bread. I only first heard of it from an anime called Pantasia. It looks all black just like the toast below and tasted fantastic, well in the anime.

S-bread would spread some butter scraped from the butter mountain and toast it over a high tech toaster and then smoother-ed it with yam kaya. There is a selection of them but we decided to have yam. Chunks of yams cooked together with the coconut jam. Other breads available are plain bread and sesame bread. For those who can take the heat, I recommend you the sambal toast. No pictures because durianberry is on no-spicy food diet. Say "Tak Nak to Cili" XD

There are sets for these toast. Our set cost almost RM10 I think, which came with a class of Thailand milk tea. Good stuff.

Nevertheless, I still prefer humble crispy kaya butter toast over some soft boiled eggs and a glass of iced Milo at Kwong Tai Loy, Hutton Lane.

We proceeded to The Gardens and it was my most enjoyed mall because of its huge comfy sofas at the lobby area. Great stuff after a days walking around.

Happy reading~

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  1. Jason // May 17, 2008 at 10:42 AM  

    Of all the gelatos available here, I tried NZ Flavours and Gelatissimo. I prefer NZ as it tastes more condensed while Gelatissimo is milder.

    S-bread appeared in anime!? O.O

  2. Cokeworld Citizen // May 17, 2008 at 9:56 PM  

    erm if not mistaken they serve low fat gelato so u noe la...

    NZ Flavours? NZ Natural i noe la...hm i still think Venezia gelato is the best so far.

    not S-Bread....the charcoal bread....