Penang USM Rumah Tetamu

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Sorry for the long MIA in flogosphere. Had a bunch of stuff to do (especially my final year project) and now that its done, somehow there will be some work lurking around. Anyway, my final year project is exhibited at USM Muzium & Galeri Tuanku Fauziah. It will be opened to visitors from 10-13 March 2009. Despite that, my small exhibition site would be opened to Durianberry exclusively this Friday. Hehehe

Of course the artwork doesn't just explode from a rock. I had to make frequent trips to the museum. even after it was set up, I need to be there to look after the site and keep improving the artwork till my assessment day.

So along the way, I still have to eat right? Before I borrowed my friend's motorcycle, I would stay in the museum or that area the entire day. I am just too lazy to walk my way down the hill to have lunch. Fortunately, there is Rumah Tetamu (USM Minden Heights Gate) and they serve Malay chu char (stir fry dishes in Hokkien).

I happily ordered Koay Teow Kung Fu :)

The koay teow/bihun/mee will be mixed with egg and pan fried till golden crispy (on the sides) and served with savoury gravy.

Each plate cost RM4 which I think is about 50 sen more expensive compare to other stalls.

The view there and environment is not bad actually. You can enjoy a peaceful meal if you eat there at 3pm :P Well, thats my usual lunch hour.

Happy reading~

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  1. J2Kfm // March 6, 2009 at 11:19 AM  

    i never know Rumah Tetamu got restaurant even!

    oh wait ... i think i did pass by before ...

  2. Lyrical Lemongrass // March 8, 2009 at 1:13 PM  

    That's a pretty view!

  3. Cokeworld Citizen // March 11, 2009 at 12:57 AM  

    Hehe I also found out about it recently ;)

    Lyrical Lemongrass:
    Ya the view is great. Its a nice place to sit around chatting and have teh ais too! Kekekeke