In another 3 days, I would be in a hall filled with people from all over Malaysia :D and perhaps abroad too. The feeling was just indescribable. Taking family photos after our first shoot back at 1988 :P and those 3 years in campus was over...just like that :(

Convocation Week started from yesterday onwards until Sunday. The island would definitely be seeing more visitors than usual (school holidays are just around the corner). My graduating friends who were from other states had made hotel reservation in advance...somewhere like 2 months ago. Nearby hotels would be fully booked super early for sure. Some even mentioned hotels I haven't heard of LOL!

Recently I have been told about I hopped over and checkout the website. Clean looking site, NO blinking ads all over the place and fast results. I simply searched for Penang and it lists out all participating hotels. To my surprise, it showed hotels (near USM) mentioned by my friends. Although Hotels Combined doesn't do reservations, at least we could get hold of important information about the hotels we would like to stay in, right? Another click on the 'Price' tab, the cheapest hotel appears on top of the list *thumbs up*. Price does matter to me and I believe others as well. Those who are graduating next year, the website would be a great place to start looking for accommodation. Searching for a hotel at/near a food street is a good idea too.

The site doesn't only cover Penang. HotelsCombined was established in Australia (2005), so they cover other hotels around the globe too. Good news for travellers :D Many travel sites like Travelocity (USA) and AsiaRooms (Asia) are their partners. This means we would be conveniently directed to those sites and check out the neccessary details.

Happy searching~

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