A bunch of appetizers and snacks were served. Chezzy Garlic Bread RM6.90 was first to arrive. The crispy slices of baguette were toasted with some garlic spread and topped with cheese. It would be nice to pair it with the soup.

2 salads were available on the menu - Crispy Chicken Salad RM12.90 and Chef's Salad RM11.90 The portions were not bad actually and can be shared between 2 person.

Then came the soups :D First off...the sourish Creamy Tomato and Bacon Soup RM6.90

Herby Oxtail Soup RM8.50

My personal vote goes to Creamy Mushroom Soup RM6.90 3 types of mushrooms were used to cook the soup. Pretty thick and flavourful.

Some fried snacks were served as well such as Tempura Calamari RM8.50 The Calamaris were nicely fried as they did not have the rubbery texture. The thousand island sauce provided some flavor to the calamari. The batter coating the calamari wasn't thick either.

Below - Fish Cocktail RM8.50

Lamb Brushetta RM8.90 was pretty good. The lamb was well cooked and flavourful. It matches those garlic bread prettu well.

Mushroom Brushetta RM7.90 Yupz I think my personal preference would be both brushetta like some of the bloggers.

Below - Tuna Supreme RM12.90

Turkey Fresco RM12.90 :D these sandwich pictures reminded me of burger pictures on some ads.

There were also spaghettis . Below was the classic Marinara Seafood Pasta RM16.90...

Then Aglio Olio RM15.90 A bit too pepper-ish for my taste buds. But overall its a flavorful dish .

Below - Alla Carbonara RM10.90

Below - Baked Cheezy Seafood RM16.90

Below - Chicken Chop RM10.90 Sadly I didn't manage to try this. I couldn't track where the dish went : P

Below - Ribeye Steak RM17.90

Below - Lemon Butter Fish RM12.90

Below - Tagarashi Salmon RM17.90

Below - Spice Lamb Leg RM18.90 The lamb was nicely grilled and smells good too.

Another lamb dish, Lamb Cutlet RM22.90 The grilled lamb cutlet was not as fragrant as the lamb dish above. However, we can always drizzle some sourish mint yogurt sauce. I did prefer the sauce to be a bit sweet. Some restaurants serve it in jelly/jam form. The patch of cooked vegetable was actually ratatouille. Sourish and pretty appetizing actually.

The next few dishes would be beef dishes so beef people would be glad to know this...haha
Below - Jacuzzi Beef RM17.90
Below - Cheezy Beef RM15.90

Finally, Hamburger Delight RM16.90 which was my favourite item among all.

The beef patty was about slightly more than 1/2 an inch thick yet its cooked to perfection with its juiciness maintained. Not only that, the spread of sweet thousand island sauce (or was it mayo?) made me wanna sink my teeth into the burger even more :D This is a huge burger so I think sharing with another person would be ideal so you can try other food.

Overall its was nice to be able to meet 20+ bloggers and enjoy a meal together. Although only a bite of here and there, I was quite bloated. Another gathering was only about 3 hours away :S and more meat would be coming our way :P

75 Celcius Restaurant & Bar
75 Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang.

Business Hours - 11am to 2am

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  1. Big boys Oven // August 23, 2009 at 8:14 AM  

    the food here looked amazing delicious just perfect way to entertain friends!

  2. New Kid on the Blog // August 23, 2009 at 2:29 PM  

    very detailed review... :)

  3. Cokeworld Citizen // August 23, 2009 at 7:27 PM  

    Hehe :)

    No la I just post what I had. I missed some actually.